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One of the biggest challenges for my lap band has come in the past four years and moving to Indiana. For one, the food culture in the midwest is very different than in the west in terms of eating and options. Its easier to be unhealthy here with both food and exercise. The biggest issue however has been switching medical practices. I had a fantastic surgeon in Colorado with a great practice. The city was much larger than nearby Fort Wayne. Here, the practice is small, nowhere near as good and has limited appointments. That has been the biggest challenge as it seems there are only 3 days a month where I can come in to get adjusted. It is quite frustrating and that along with knee surgery has set me back quite far. Time to fight back and get to the right spot.

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Thankfully it seems as though I am at the right fill after my malfunction. I also have lost a little weight which is good. There is still plenty more work to do. At this point the key is to eat a bit better and get into a better exercise routine. The challenge has been an injured knee that requires surgery and a tight schedule with lots of travel coming up. I will have to be patient and flexible, but hope to be in a routine as soon as possible.

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After the malfunction of my lap band and all the issues and weight gain related to that, I feel as though I am fighting an uphill battle. I know it still needs to tighten some more, and I know its harder to lose weight as I get older. Routine is tough too. It will all take time, but I am not happy with the scale or the way my clothing fits!

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We are in the process of working on getting my band back up to the right fill. At the point of the trouble it was at 9.90 cc or so. It was brought back down to 4.5 cc. After the last visit we added 1 cc. That has and should help some. We will see if that is the right fill. I am happy with the progress, but it is frustrating to start over with fills 4 weeks at a time and a copay to boot!

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After a lot of trouble, I finally had a scan done on my lap band. The good news was that it was not leaking, had not slipped and physically was ok. The bad news was that my stomach, esophagus and pouch had damage and it was far too tight. After receiving it completely or almost completely, and taking some time to heal, everything healed correctly. I was surprised the pouch shrunk back down. I got a fill, though it was not much. Its like starting the journey all over again. I have struggled to lose weight after gaining quite a bit, but I have lost some and am certainly not going up any more. Starting over is no fun and its going to be hard to find a fill that I, the person who does the fills and the surgeon can agree on. Hopefully we can get there. We will see what the long term looks like and as I get older I know its not going to get easier, but I take solace in the fact that I am still healthier than I was in the past!

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Recently I got a small lap band fill. It has been more than a year for sure. I am finally ready to get into the yearly cycle of getting a small fill .2cc to maintain. It was a much needed fill, but I had forgotten the adjustment that comes in eating and living after having gone so long without one. The weeks that followed have been filled with a lot of ups and downs, moments of struggling to eat and moments of normalcy. Its the right level for sure, and I know that I can adjust. The lap band has truly been a gift, but it is certainly a learning curve! I am thankful to have lost about 10 pounds and hope, once back into an exercise routine to lose 10-15 more.

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While I gained weight this winter and spring and it has been hard to get it off (that is quite discouraging as my clothes are too tight), I do feel that lap band is working well. It is probably at the right fill and I doubt I will have to do much with it other than every other year or so unless some big problem arises. Its essential that I am better about what I eat, my exercise and even my medicines. I must get at least 15 pounds off, but 20-25 would be better. I am starting to learn what I have always been told, it gets harder to get it off the older you get!

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I have gained quite a bit of weight this winter after losing some in the summer and fall. The lap band seems to be loose as I can eat a lot more, but I also know that I seem to be able to, want to, need to eat more in the winter time. It is discouraging because it is the heaviest I have been in some time, but I must not give up and must remain disciplined. Looking forward to spring and eating less while exercising more and perhaps getting my weight back down to a comfortable spot.

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The lap band is something that does change from time to time. Seasons, altitude, illness and many other things impact it. I battled some illness with the lap band which was connected in one way or another to each. It meant some weight loss, little eating and lots of discomfort. I am looking forward to getting back into a routine, but hopefully not putting much weight back on. The goal is 185-195, with 190 being idea and 200 or more being bad. We will see.

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The lap band feels like it is in limbo. I am not gaining weight, but not losing. While I am getting a little better about exercise, I am also not eating perfectly, especially at night. There may be some weight due to muscle mass and general winter hibernation and eating habits for sure, but I am not yet sure how that will play out. It is a bit frustrating, but it is also on me to figure out and continue to work on my discipline if I want to stay at my goal.